Johnson Controls – CSOB marathon

A wonderful event at the CSOB marathon in Bratislava, running the half marathon for 21 kms. Great event to run in the streets of Bratislava.


King’s gym – Bratislava, Raca

Friday evening is set for a sparring boxing and Thai boxing in King's gym Bratislava Raca. An opportunity to meet couple of boxers and switch every round to compete a lot. There were different levels: expert boxers difficult to handle 3 mn round, youths coming to learn and become fit, and ladies with very good… Continue reading King’s gym – Bratislava, Raca

Physical preparation

Trainer of rugby in Bratislava and Vienna

Involve as a boxing trainer and crossfit, I am as well committed with the Slovak Rugby league and with the Vienna Celtic Rugby Club as a trainer for children/juniors. Find out more on the link below. Rugby Klub Bratislava Charles